2020 Autumun Edition

Tent trip.
The summer is still tough, but this special feature section is the autumn issue. I can't wait to experience autumn. By the way, this tent trip did not go on a journey, and I gave an example of a tent constructed by a member of the union. I would be happy if I could improve the image of "Your company can make this!" Also, if you think "I want this tent too!",Inquiries are welcome. We are also waiting for a consultation "I want to make something like this, but can you do it?" We are looking forward to hearing from you if you would like to take measures against splashes in your store.

Make it so fashionable

First of all, it is a partition for such COVID-19 measures. You can make it so fashionable. This picture is a partition in the cafeteria. From the base, the cafeteria is full of fashion, but it has been used successfully by inserting menu characters in the partitions.

"fashionable" by Eymie

Reception booth

This is the reception booth. Many people will visit there, so measures against splashes may be essential. Since the upper part is open, it does not retain heat.

Reception booth2

This is the cashier booth of a restaurant. The black frame matches the color of the top plate for a neat impression and no pressure. It is easy to incorporate because it is a stand type.


Next we will introduce the tent shop factory. Surprisingly, it was made from surplus fabric.The high quality is outstanding. Inquiries for "Is it possible to do this?" are welcome.

The right side is open, but this is a sliding door specification, and the fabric is hung on the curtain rail. The white fabric on the top is translucent, so it doesn't get too dark inside, and it also reduces pressure.

"Factory" by Eymie

Tent Fabric

It's inside the door. There is a drop when the door is closed, so it can be fixed properly. You can make it with your favorite color, so it's nice to match the image color of your company. You can also think of various things, such as putting the company name or logo in cutting letters, or making it a parking door.

"Tent Fabric" by Eymie

Part 2

From the next picture is the "I'm doing a lot of different tents" section. It is a tent photo book.


This is a sunshade awning for a nursery school. Blue is beautiful. The temperature under the tent drops considerably, so you can take measures against heat stroke! There is a feeling of liberation in the mesh material that the sky is transparent from below. It's impossible to get rid of rain. ..

"Awning" by Eymie

"Awning" by Eymie


It seems that the frame was quite difficult to make here, but it was very beautiful. The tent is a mysterious symbol of the shop.

"Frame" by Eymie

The letters on the back

This has letters on the back of the tent. When you look up from below, you can see the letters in the tent. This may seem normal to customers, but it is a rare sight for people involved in tents. It usually puts the letters on the top of the tent. Somehow fresh.


This is a tent made from inkjet printed fabric. It is a tent that can be cute and cool.

"Inkjet" by Eymie

Design tent

This is a nice tent for a garden party. It's a memorable thing to do if you have a party at a place like this.

"Design tent" by Eymie

2020 Autumn Edition --- Editor's note

This time, I tried putting various deformed tents as countermeasures against splashes. We would be happy if it could be a hint for your dream shop. Also, we are happy to discuss tents.

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