Awning Secretオーニングの秘密
An awning that everyone has seen once in the shade of a stylish cafe or wooden deck of a house.
Over the last few years, the name has become known to the general public.
Why did awning come to be known so far?
Let me tell you the secret.

Eymie's Seacret!!

Secret One
'Cause they 'v salle a lot.


There is a reason for what sells.

見た目のお洒落さだけでなくオーニングには直射日光から日陰を作ることにより 日光の下にいるときと比べて体感温度は-7度下がり、室内のエアコン稼働率も2/3で済むというデータもあります。
Not only looks stylish, but the awning is shaded from direct sunlight. There is also data that the sensible temperature is -7 degrees lower than when in the sunlight, and the operating rate of the air conditioner in the room is only 2/3.


Would you like to experience eco?

操作方法も手動、スイッチ電動式、リモコン電動式とあり簡単に使えます。 ご相談だけでも是非お待ちしております。
The operation method is manual, switch electric type, remote control electric type, and it is easy to use. We look forward to hearing from you.

Secret Two
Here the secret.


The real reason why the shade is cool.

木陰下の気温もアスファルト道路の気温も同じなのに、何故木陰を選ぶのでしょうか。 実は、日陰も日向も気温は同じ。違うのは体感温度なんです。

Everyone has the experience of looking for the shade of a tree in the midsummer daytime sunshine.
Why choose the shade when the temperature under the shade is the same as the temperature on the asphalt road? In fact, the temperature is the same in both shade and sun. The difference is the sensible temperature


What is the sensible temperature?

The sensible temperature represents the sensation of temperature that human skin feels. It feels "hot" and "cool" because it is affected not only by the temperature but also by the temperature, wind, sunlight and radiant heat on the ground surface.